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Apple Watch Series 8: News, Plus Expected Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Here's what we know about the 2022 Apple Watch

Apple Watch 8 predictions are coming right on the heels of the release of the Apple Watch Series 7. Will features rumored for the Series 7 be in the Series 8? Will the recently patented optical sensor appear on the Series 8?

When Will Apple Watch Series 8 Be Released?

Apple comes out with a new smartwatch every year, or at least they have historically, since their first one in 2015. If they intend to continue with this trend, there will be another watch in 2022.

In addition to releasing a standard edition, the rumor is that we'll also see a rugged sports model and an updated Apple Watch SE.

Release Date Estimate

Since the Series 1 Apple Watch (which should not be confused with the first generation of the Apple Watch, referred by many (but not Apple) as Series 0), September has been the release month. We expect the same schedule for the Series 8. As we get closer, we'll know more about when the Apple event will be, but according to iDrop News, it'll be September 13, 2022.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price Rumors

Apple Watch Series 8 render
Apple Watch Series 8 render.

Jon Prosser / Ian Zelbo

Any factual information from Apple on the Series 8 is still months out, but one thing we may not have to take guesses on is its price. Like the yearly release cycle not changing, we expect the base model for Apple Watch Series 8 to start at the same price as Series 4 through 7: $399 (US).

If the lower-cost Apple Watch SE 2 arrives with the Series 8, it'll probably cost $279, just like the first edition.

Pre-Order Information

Apple Watch 8 pre-orders will start sometime after Apple announces the new watch. Again, this won't be until the fall, so be sure to check back for updated details as we get closer to the launch month.

Apple Watch Series 8 Features

Below are some features we're eager to see in the next iteration of the Apple Watch. They go hand-in-hand with additions expected with any new hardware, like longer battery life, bigger/better screens, and an upgraded operating system (watchOS 9).

U.S. Patent Office drawings showing how the input components can be used.
Fig. 9 shows direct user input; Fig. 10 shows components that can accept input from as far away as 90 feet.
  • Optical sensor: While this feature could be planned for an even later version of the watch, a recently granted patent for Apple (December 2021), shows that the company is planning to use an optical sensor that can receive input from a wearer as far as 90 feet away. The idea seems to be to replace the standard watch crown that rotates/is translatable to instead allow the watch to understand motions and gestures to interact with the watch.
  • Temperature reader: Checking body temperature would be much easier if we all carried around thermometers, but building it into something we already have on us all day long is way more convenient. Rumors pointed to the Series 7 offering this feature, but according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, it's "more likely to be included in the 2022 update." (Although, a more recent report from Gurman doubts this.) A built-in body temperature sensor would further round out Apple Watch's health and wellness arsenal, but it might take another year or two before it gives actual skin temperature readings; this version will reportedly be used primary for fertility and cycle tracking.
  • Flat-edged design: This was a rumor previously thought to be true of the 2021 watch, based on Apple Watch renders from Jon Prosser. In retrospect, there's a chance that those details were early leaks of the Series 8, though a recent source who claims to have what appears to be a final design of the watch, says that the design will resemble the Series 7 (i.e., no flat edge).
  • MicroLED: The Apple Watch Series 8 screen might use MicroLED instead of OLED. Due to fundamental differences in how these technologies work, a MicroLED Apple Watch could lead to a slimmer device that's also brighter and less demanding of power than previous models.
  • Wrist unlock or Touch ID: While it doesn't sound as commonplace as fingerprint unlock, this might be what we're looking at if this light field camera patent goes into use with the next Apple Watch. Similar to your finger or face unlocking your phone, you might use your forearm or wrist to prove that you're the watch owner. If wrist unlock tech isn't built-in to this watch, we can hope for Touch ID.
  • Blood glucose tracking: Tracking blood sugar directly from an Apple Watch without a secondary device would be huge, whether you're diabetic or simply interested in monitoring this aspect of your body. It's not clear if this Apple patent is referring to blood glucose, specifically, but it does mention a "system for measuring a concentration of a substance." However, as handy as it'd be, we might need to wait several years to see glucose monitoring.
  • Blood pressure monitoring: Like glucose tracking, Apple Watch can already be paired with other devices to track blood pressure. What we could see in the Series 8 is the built-in ability to read blood pressure. Various patents show Apple is interested in this tech.
  • Crash detection: The Apple Watch already has fall detection that can tell when you've had a bad fall, and will dial 911 if you need it to. The 2022 Apple Watch is rumored to include an upgrade that will do the same for car crashes.
  • Satellite connectivity: According to MySmartPrice, Mark Gurman believes the 2022 or 2023 Apple Watch is "destined to get that functionality.” But, as that source points out, satellite connectivity was rumored to arrive with the iPhone 13 but never did, so it might be too soon to get our hopes up.
  • watchOS 9: The new OS will bring four new watch faces, an updated Siri UI and banner notifications, additional metrics in the Workout app, Sleep Stages for the Sleep app, AFib History, health data sharing, the Medications app to track medications and learn about drug interactions, new keyboard languages, and more.

Apple Watch Series 8 Specs and Hardware

We hope for a slightly bigger watch to further reduce the need to pull out our phones to do various tasks. The 41mm and 47mm Apple Watch 7 sizes are an upgrade from Series 6's 40mm and 44mm, so we could see this grow again.

Analyst Ross Young hints at this, adding that there might be a third size. In addition to Apple Watch Series 8, we might see the entry-level Apple Watch SE and a rugged Extreme Edition.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Series 3 will reach its end-of-life due to its inability to run the upcoming watchOS version. This suggests a more powerful OS and Apple Watch. Mark Gurman echos this sentiment, predicting that watchOS 9 will be a "significant" update.

Gurman also says there will be a low-power mode exclusive to this Apple Watch. The feature will be similar to the mode found on iOS, meaning you'll still be able to use your apps and other features, they'll just run in a lower power mode.

A patent uncovered by Patently Apple describes a pressure-triggered hardware addition that could make its way into this watch. This could help extend the watch's capabilities without the need for extra buttons.

Volodyk Design has some renders of the watch:

Any realistic look at specs won't come until some great leaks arrive or until Apple reveals them. We'll keep this page updated with any new information as it becomes available.

The Latest News About the Apple Watch Series 8

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