Newsletter Design Software for the Mac

Create newsletters for home, school or office on your Mac

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Not everyone who wants to publish a newsletter has access to professional page layout software. However, one of these affordable (or free) software packages designed specifically for casual use can handle the job. These programs are in addition to professional desktop publishing software programs such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, which are also quite capable of producing newsletters, although they come with a much higher learning curve. These programs are for Mac computers.

Apple Pages

If you have a Mac, you probably already have Pages, which combines word processing documents and page layout in one program using different templates and windows depending on the type of document. Pages ships on all new Macs, and it is also available for Apple mobile devices such as the iPad. One advantage of Pages is that it can store documents on the cloud where family members or co-workers can collaborate on the newsletter. 

Pages come with a template section of attractive and professional newsletter templates, and you can download additional templates online.

BeLight Software: Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is an attractively priced software package for the Mac. It is specifically for designing newsletters, brochures, flyers and the like. This software package has high-end features, but it is easy for beginners to use.

Swift Publisher ships with more than 300 customizable templates, many of which are for newsletters. If you prefer to lay out your own newsletter design, Swift Publisher has guides for columns and includes linked text box capability so your text flows from one page to another. 

If you don't plan to print your newsletter yourself or if you are emailing it, you can export it in one of several formats: PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and EPS.


This professional-quality desktop publishing software defies the old saying that "you get what you pay for" because it's feature-rich and free. It does just about everything that the much more expensive pro tools do, including serving as high-quality newsletter design software. It is a good choice if you need professional printing, but it doesn't have all the fun extras like graphics, fonts, and tons of templates.



Broderbund: The Print Shop

The Print Shop for Mac by Broderbund makes simple newsletter design a breeze. It integrates with your Mac apps such as Photos, Contacts, and Calendar. This software ships with an astounding 4,000 templates, many of newsletters. Modify the templates for your own use or build your newsletter from scratch.

The large clip art library and royalty-free image collection give you plenty of graphic assistance in jazzing up your newsletter. With The Print Shop for Mac, you can drag and drop photos and text. The dynamic headline feature turns plain type into eye-catching graphics standouts.

This a good all-around creative printing program that is available as a download or as a DVD. Mac system requirement: OS X 10.7-10.10.

iStudio Publisher

iStudio Publisher prides itself on being easy to learn and use and offers a series of instructional videos and a rapid start guide for new users. This sleek software package offers sophisticated features for professional newsletter design. 

The software has a shape library, snap grid, rulers, inspectors and toolkit, like high-end published software.

iStudio Publisher comes with several newsletter templates, although you can design your own from scratch. The software is attractively priced and the company offers a 30-day free trial for curious designers. If you work in education or are a student, you receive a 40 percent discount, 

Cristallight: Desktop Publisher Pro

Here's low-cost bare-bones design software that can handle the text layout requirements of newsletters, has basic graphics tools, and lots of text effects for creating a nameplate and decorative headlines. It may be a little easier to learn to use than some more powerful programs.

Note: This software is only for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It does not run on more recent versions of the Mac operating system.