Newest iOS 15 Update Addresses Another Security Flaw

The exploit reportedly gives hackers the ability to take control of your device

Apple has released a new iOS 15 security update to address a zero-day flaw that hackers could use to take control of your device.

A little over a week after the last iOS 15 update (version 15.0.1), we now have version 15.0.2 to download. The update specifically fixes yet another security flaw. The latest exploit, referred to by Apple as CVE-2021-30883, makes it possible for hackers to take control of your iPhone or iPad. According to Apple, the issue "may have been actively exploited," meaning that malicious actors may know about it and have started taking advantage of the loophole.

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CVE-2021-30883 can affect a variety of Apple devices—from the iPhone 6S and up, to even the 7th Generation iPod touch.

Many iPad models are also vulnerable, including any iPad Pros, the iPad Air 2 and later, and the iPad mini 4 and later. Essentially, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod that's around six years old or less, you're at risk.

The best way to avoid any issues with CVE-2021-30883 is to update your iOS 15-using devices right away.

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Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other workaround for the security issue—other than maybe indefinitely keeping your device in airplane mode as a precaution.

iOS 15.0.2 is available right now. If you have automatic downloads enabled, it may even already have installed itself, though you might want to check your iOS version number to make sure it says 15.0.2. Otherwise, you should manually check for the update.

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