New Windows 11 Update Includes Many Fixes and More Emojis

It even adds support for Emoji 13.1

The latest Windows 11 cumulative update is full of various fixes and a bunch of new Fluent 2D style emojis and support for Emoji 13.1.

Windows 11's new KB5007262 update (to OS build 22000.348) has been made available as an optional download and includes several fixes. It's also somewhat emoji-heavy, with support being added for Emoji 13.1, as well as updating all previous Segoe UI Emoji to Fluent 2D. So basically, your Windows 11 (sorry, Windows 10 users) emojis will look a bit different going forward.

Windows 11 emojis


It's worth noting that the 3D emojis that Microsoft revealed earlier in the year aren't going to be the new norm here. They will work in specific apps (Teams, for example), but most other emoji use will default to the new 2D library.

There's a sizable list of fixes and improvements on the technical side of things as well. Some of the many fixes include preventing the display of File Explorer and desktop shortcut menus, bluetooth volume control issues, incorrect closed caption windows, and more.

It also includes an option to turn on Focus Assist automatically after a Windows feature update, and a feature to help with cross-browser data transfers.

Windows 11 on various devices


The KB5007262 update is still in preview, so installing it is optional for the time being. Though it's likely to roll out as part of next month's mandatory update, according to XDA Developers.

You can download the new patch now if you want, or you can hold off until next month, when it may be installed automatically as part of the next system update. Either way, once installed, you can access the new emoji via the emoji picker.

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