New Samsung Odyssey Ark Gives You Curved-Screen Goodness

Both horizontally and vertically

The "world's first" (according to Samsung) 55-inch gaming screen with a 1000R curve (the most curved gaming monitor available) is primed for launch, with reservations opening today.

Curved monitors may look bizarre compared to the flatscreens most of us are used to, but they often provide a larger display area while taking up less physical space. In addition, the curvature of the screen can create a more immersive experience for movies, and video games as the display wraps around into your peripheral vision. Samsung's Odyssey Ark does that too, but bigger (at 55-inches), with an emphasis on visual performance, and the ability to quickly change screen position, aspect ratio, size, and Multi View.

Samsung Odyssey Ark (horizontal)


Many important gaming screen hallmarks include 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution with a respectable 165Hz refresh rate. The Odyssey ark also claims a 1ms response time, so there should be little to no noticeable lag between controller inputs and on-screen actions. And it features Matte Display for glare reduction (a common issue with curved screens), along with four built-in speakers with two central woofers for a more all-encompassing sound.

Then there's the Cockpit Mode, which allows the Odyssey Ark to pivot on its Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) to switch between a horizontal and vertical display configuration. Depending on what's happening on the screen, then, it can be adjusted to further enhance immersion.

Samsung Odyssey Ark (vertical)


A lot of these options are controlled via the included Ark Dial—a solar-powered controller made specifically for the Odyssey Ark. you can adjust multiple screen displays at once, control the screen size (between 27-inches and the full 55-inches), switch aspect ratios, and of course tilt between horizontal and vertical modes.

Reservations for the Odyssey Ark are open now on for select (unspecified) regions, with a final price tag of $3499.99, with Engadget reporting sales will officially begin in September. We've reached out to Samsung for confirmation.

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