New Redesign of Microsoft Paint and Photos App Spotted

A sleeker, modern design

The upcoming Windows 11 will feature an updated Microsoft Paint and Photos app with a more modern interface.

According to two new stock photos spotted on Microsoft’s Unsplash page, users can expect a cleaner design when using Paint and Photos on Windows 11. Bleeping Computer notes that updated features in Paint include new icons, a simplified toolbar, and rounded color options instead of square ones. 

New Windows Paint redesign


As far as the Microsoft Photos app, Windows Latest reports that Windows 11 brings a new photo editing experience in which the editing tools will float above the image you’re working on—a similar experience to Android or iOS mobile apps.

This will be the first significant redesign to Microsoft Paint in a while. Microsoft Paint has been included in Windows’ operating systems since Windows 1.0 was released in 1985. It is based on a program by ZSoft called PC Paintbrush and supports essential image editing tools and drawing utensils.

While Windows 11 beta is currently available for users to play around with, the full public release of the new OS is expected this fall. Aside from an updated MS Paint and Photos app, Windows 11 will offer a new Start menu, add a widget taskbar, and change the overall user interface.

Other new features to expect once Windows 11 officially debuts are the ability to resize windows to take up either half of your screen (called Snap Layouts), the option to run Android apps natively on your Windows device, and the return of Widgets.

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