New PS5 Model Has Smaller, Lighter Heatsink

Could mean a downgrade in performance

A new PS5 digital model has been released in certain regions that has a notable reduction in weight and a new heatsink.

These findings were discovered in a video by tech YouTuber Austin Evans who brought together the new model and launch model, and compared the two.

PlayStation 5 on display

Kerde Severin/Pexels

Evans discovered the heatsink in the new model is significantly smaller and less powerful than the one found in the launch model. The new model is now 0.6 pounds (300 grams) lighter than the previous iteration as a result.

A heatsink cools down an electronic device by transferring the generated heat away from the source to a medium like air or liquid coolant.

During initial tests, it was discovered the newer model runs around three to five degrees warmer. After breaking the consoles down, the video shows that the copper plating and aluminum dissipation fins are much smaller in the updated console, compared to the older model.

Evans goes on to say that the changes make this new PS5 worse than the launch model. He states that the difference in temperature is enough to cause performance issues.

There were other, smaller changes to the new console, such as an easier-to-use stand screw, as well different wiring to the Wi-Fi chip, although it is not clear if the wiring will cause any significant performance changes.

Couple playing on the PlayStation

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As stated, these changes only affect the digital version of the PlayStation 5. There hasn’t been any indication that the disc drive version will have the same changes applied to it.

Sony has not given any reason for the changes in the heatsink, although Evans speculates it may be a cost-cutting measure.

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