New PS5 Beta Tests Discord Voice Chat and a Whole Lot More

From voice-activated game capture to variable refresh rates in 1440p

A new PlayStation 5 system beta explores more Discord functionality, adds more options for 1440p screen resolutions, and much more.

PS5 owners who have been hoping for Discord voice chat functionality through their console may not have long to wait. The feature is one of many being tested in the latest system beta. Though keep in mind this is a beta, with Sony stating that "some features may not make it into the final version or may see significant changes."

Voice-activated game capture

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Getting Discord voice chat up and running on the PS5 requires linking your Discord and PSN accounts through the console, then using the mobile app. Though Sony points out that, even if your accounts are already linked, you'll still need to link them again due to the new permissions required for using voice chat.

Additionally, Sony is testing an option to share your screen (or ask a friend to share their screen) via user profile screens. This includes a new 'Friends Who Play' hub tile to see what your friends are playing and a 'Join Game' icon that will appear in party chats.

Voice commands will also expand to grab screenshots or video clips, with the ability to record anywhere from 15 seconds to a full hour. And there will be more sharing options for captures, with the beta introducing manual capture uploads (as opposed to default automatic uploads) via the PlayStation app.

The test also includes display options, with support added for Variable Refresh Rate in 1440p—and Sony's expanding 1440p support for a larger variety of HDMI devices.

Game Libraries will be more organizable with sorting options for PS VR, and testers will be able to filter their games when adding a new one to their list.

Discord voice chat on PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Save transfers between PS4 and PS5 (or PS5 and PS5) are also being made easier, and the PS5's screen reader will offer more details like current position and current selection movement options. Plus DualSense controllers will be able to update wirelessly.

The new PS5 beta version is rolling out now to participants in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US. However, voice capture is limited to the UK and US for the time being.

Registered beta participants should check their email inboxes for an invite and download instructions. The finalized system update (beta features and implementations subject to change) is expected to release for all PS5 users in the coming months.

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