New Portable Speakers Boast Clear Sound and a Karaoke Option

You can even have a light show

Tronsmart is introducing a pair of new portable speakers for those looking for a travel-sized option to liven up a party or for revelers that may prefer to belt out power ballads in front of an audience.

This new Halo Series features the Halo 100 and Halo 110 and marks Tronsmart's latest portable speaker release—with the 110 acting as the company's foray into the karaoke world. Both models tout portability, sound quality, and a built-in light show with multiple effects and lighting modes to choose from.

Halo 100 Series speaker


If you're only interested in listening to music, the Halo 100 claims up to 18 hours of playtime and dual audio modes for stereo pairing (connecting two Halo 100s at once). And the three-way sound system—a woofer for bass, two mid tweeters, and a third tweeter just for treble—offers what Tronsmart refers to as "extraordinary clarity."

It also features a built-in power bank, so you can charge your phone by plugging it into the speaker. And, just in case, the Halo 100 also carries an IPX6 waterproof rating for safe use when you're around the pool or any other body of water.

Halo 110 speaker


If you prefer to sing along with the tunes you listen to, there's the Halo 110 (the karaoke version of the Halo 100). This model claims the same 18 hours of playtime, can be paired with a second speaker, and is lightweight enough to go where you go. It also comes with a wired microphone to accommodate all that signing. The sound quality will be a bit different compared to its non-karaoke counterpart, though, since it offers 60W sound rather than a three-way system.

The Halo 100 is available now via Amazon in the UK, Spain, and Germany for about $99.99, with a US release planned for sometime in February. The Halo 110 is also expected to release at an unspecified time in February and will retail for $119.99.

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