New Plex Update Adds Discovery Tab and Universal Watchlists

Free for all to use, but still in beta testing

Streaming service aggregate Plex is rolling out a huge user interface update adding new sections that make it easier to find content.

The new Discovery section allows you to see what shows and movies are trending on selected streaming platforms, and a new Universal Watchlist consolidates everything you plan to watch, Plex reveals. There's also a new multi-service search function that lets you look for content across its supported platforms.

Plex Discovery


The Discovery section will show up as a new tab on the left-hand menu. You can select which streaming services and personal libraries you'd like the feature to focus on. Curated recommendations will appear in an endlessly scrolling menu with their subsequent trailers.

The Universal Watchlist will be a subsection in the Home tab that lets you select the content you plan on watching from supported platforms, including Plex's own library. The Watchlist will also tell you if the movie is in theaters and notify you when it's available to watch on a service. A new button will be added to trailers that lets you add the movie to the list without skipping a beat.

Plex Universal Watchlist


Supporting all this is the new multi-platform search bar that looks for content on all of Plex without needing to sift through a specific app. It will tell you its release date and if it's on a personal media server.

The new features will be free for everyone, although the Discovery tab and Universal Watchlist are still technically in beta. Because they are still in testing, Plex is asking its users to contact them on their official forums for any feedback.

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