New Oculus Updates Add Quality of Life Improvements

The v31 update includes a new Security Panel and saving passwords

Virtual reality developer Oculus on Wednesday began sending out its v31 update for its Quest and Quest 2 headsets, adding several quality-of-life improvements.

One of the improvements included in this update makes it easier to invite friends and other players to a game. A new "Invite to App" button has been added that sends an invite to players, and if they accept, they will be thrown into the current multiplayer match. From there, the inviter can manage the group from a universal menu and invite others in.

Woman playing the Oculus Quest outside.

The Invite to App feature is only available for certain games: Beat Saber, Blaston, Demeo, Echo VR, ForeVR Bowl, Hyper Dash, PokerStars VR, and Topgold with Pro Putt. However, the feature is available to all developers and may be added to future games.

Another improvement adds an update to the Messenger app. Send and Read Receipts are available so players can know if their friend read the message or not. Reaction emojis have been added, as well.

Woman playing Oculus Quest inside.

Finally, the update added a Security Settings panel. Users can set or reset an unlock pattern via the headset or mobile app. Saving and auto-filling passwords is also being added so players no longer have to memorize their log-in credentials.

Oculus plans on releasing an update that allows players to create a multiplayer game with their smartphones, as well. Players can generate and share a custom link with friends for a quick gaming session. However, a date has yet to be set for this feature.

The company said it plans to roll out the v31 update gradually over the coming weeks.

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