How to Put New Messages on Top in Yahoo! Mail Classic

In Yahoo! Mail Classic, mailboxes default to being sorted by date. This is good.

Also by default, messages are arranged in ascending order, which means the most recent message is at the very bottom of the list while the oldest message is the topmost one.

If your mailbox has grown beyond one screen and have to scroll to get to the new messages, or if you like to work on messages in reverse order, it makes sense to sort the mailbox in descending order.

Put New Messages on Top in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To put new messages on top of a mailbox in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Click on the Date column heading in the mailbox display.

Put New Mail on Top — Always

This change is not persistent, however, and when you open the same mailbox next, it will be arranged in ascending order again.

To make descending order the default, you must go through the Yahoo! Mail Classic options:

  • Select Options from the Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  • Follow the General Preferences link.
  • Make sure Message Ordering is set to Descending by date.
  • Save the changes.
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