How to Create a New Message Using Stationery in Outlook

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Scissors and crayons are not necessary to use stationery for emails in Outlook. StockUnlimited

Outlook lets you use stationery for your email messages.

More Colorful Emails

Many an email is best kept short and simple.

Email stationery can prepare your message for a holiday greeting or party invitation, bedazzle with colors and images or soothe with a quiet background and a gentle, flowing font.

If you have just installed all this wonderful stationery for Outlook, you are, I bet, eager to use it for wonderful emails; maybe you are merely eager, of course, to learn what stationery comes pre-installed with Outlook.

Find out here how to do just this (and that, too) in Outlook.

Create a New Message Using Stationery in Outlook

To start a new email on stationery with Outlook:

  • Go to your main Outlook window.
  • Make sure Mail is open.
    • Click Mail at the bottom or press Ctrl-1.
  • Make sure the Home tab on the ribbon is selected and expanded.
  • Click New Items in the New category.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the E-mail Message Using item in the menu that appears.
  • If the desired stationery appears in the list:
    • Select it.
  • If the stationery you want to use is not listed:
    • Select More Stationery….
    • Highlight the desired stationery under Choose a Theme:
    • Click OK.

Create a New Message Using Stationery in Outlook 2000-2003

To write a new message in Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003 using stationery:

  • Go to your Outlook Inbox.
  • Select Actions | New Mail Message Using | More Stationery from the menu.
  • Select the desired stationery.
  • Click OK.

Outlook stationery does, alas, not work with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.