New Mail Notifier 2.06 Review - Outlook Add-On

The Bottom Line

New Mail Notifier adds a very useful new mail notification window to Outlook.


  • New Mail Notifier adds powerful new mail notification to Outlook
  • Operate on mail right from New Mail Notifier
  • Offers simple filters and can make use of anti-spam tools


  • New Mail Notifier can get annoying with lots of new messages
  • More filtering options would be useful


  • New Mail Notifier extends the functionality of Outlook with a new message notification window.
  • The notification window shows sender, subject and part of the body for new incoming mail.
  • You can open the message, delete it, reply or forward directly from the notification window.
  • Optionally displays the total number of messages in the Inbox and how many of them are unread.
  • New mail notification window can auto-hide and cycle through all new messages.
  • New Mail Notifier can announce only mail from certain senders or ignore specific senders.
  • Optionally ignores mail that is moved by an anti-spam tool as well as messages in certain Outlook folders.
  • New Mail Notifier supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista and Outlook 2000/2/3/7.

New Mail Notifier Does Not Work with Outlook 2013

Though New Mail Notifier's abilities would still be useful, the add-on has not been updated since 2007 (to be compatible with Outlook 2007) and does not work with recent versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2013.

If you use Outlook under Windows 8, you may be able to restore the options to delete and flag mail directly from Outlook's own notification window using compatibility mode.

Expert Review - New Mail Notifier 2.06 - Outlook Add-On

Outlook 2007 does have a new mail notification feature, all right. But the plain tray icon is not very useful. New Mail Notifier, by contrast, adds new mail notification functionality to Outlook that is really useful.

When new mail comes in, New Mail Notifier pops up an unobtrusive window displaying the sender, subject and part of the body of the new message. Not only do you know instantly what new mail has come in, but you can also operate on the message immediately: opening the message, replying, forwarding and (most importantly) deleting all take only one click.

To make sure it does not annoy you, New Mail Notifier can announce only certain senders' mail and ignore messages filtered by anti-spam tools.

(Updated June 2015)