New macOS Ventura Boosts Features Across Apple’s Ecosystem

It’s all about collaboration and organization

Apple revealed its new desktop operating system: macOS Ventura with a focus on organization and expanding interconnectivity.

These changes can be seen in several new apps and additions to Safari. Stage Manager is a new tool that allows you to bring together multiple apps and place them into individual groups. Continuity Cam lets you use your iPhone as a webcam. And the Safari browser is getting new controls in Mail and changing how it does passwords.

macOS Ventura


When activated, Stage Manager will instantly organize any open apps or windows to free up clutter on your screen. The grouped apps will be placed to the side and the ones you want to focus on will sit in the middle. Interactivity is a key feature as other users can join these group windows for collaborative work.

Speaking of collaboration, Safari has something similar with Shared Tab Groups. People will be able to share websites on Safari by invitation, and in turn, you can see what other people are watching too. You can talk via Messages or FaceTime right from the browser.

With the new FaceTime, you can start one conversation from your iPhone and then transfer it over to another Apple device like a Mac desktop. You can then use the iPhone as a webcam via the new Continuity Cam app.

Continuity Cam


Mail on Safari adds the ability to unsend emails and schedule them for a later release. And for improved security, Apple is getting rid of passwords and instead adding passkeys.

According to Apple, passkeys use biometric data to create a unique log-in credential that cannot be leaked or stolen by hackers. The feature will extend across Apple's ecosystem and work on websites visited through the Safari browser.

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