New Logitech Headphones and Webcams Aim to Improve Your WFH Lifestyle

They work the way you work

Logitech has rolled out new webcams and headphones that were purpose-built to meet the needs of modern remote and hybrid workers. 

The Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones were designed for "underequipped" remote workers who are still using laptop cameras and speaker systems, among other "pre-pandemic era solutions." To that end, each of these product lines is packed with features to streamline multiple aspects of the work-from-home lifestyle. 

Logitech Brio 500 and Zone Vibe


First up, the Brio 500 webcam line promises "enterprise-grade audio and video quality" and includes the company's proprietary RightSight technology that automatically places you directly in the frame even when you are moving around. These cameras also include advanced algorithms that automatically adjust for poor lighting conditions. 

To further take your Zoom meetings to the next level, the Brio 500 line also includes the new Show Mode to easily share footage of anything on your desk, such as product prototypes, sketches, or even a sleeping cat. The camera's built-in sensor focuses on objects when the camera is tilted downward, and the algorithm automatically flips the footage to the correct orientation. 

Next, the Zone Vibe headphones, which the company says offer “business-grade performance” while remaining comfortable for all-day use. The lightweight over-the-ear headphones are made from knitted fabric and memory foam for comfort, and they are available in multiple stylish colors, making them shine in both professional and social settings. 

The Brio 500 webcams will be available for purchase later this month for $130. You will have to wait a bit longer for the headphones, as the Zone Vibe series launches in December for $100 to $130, depending on configurations. 

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