New iPhone Features and Updates in iOS 15.2

Digital Legacy, App Privacy Reports, and more

You can now download the latest system update, known as iOS 15.2, to your iPhone with a slew of new features. 

The update became available to everyone on Monday, according to 9to5Mac. iOS 15.2 includes features like a new subscription known as the Apple Music Voice Plan, an App Privacy Report, Digital Legacy for your Apple ID, and more. 

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The new Apple Music Voice Plan is an added subscription tier in Apple Music and allows Siri to suggest music to you or play recently played music. The subscription costs $4.99 a month. 

Another key feature of the iOS 15.2 system update is a new App Privacy Report available in your Settings. The report lets you see how often apps you frequently use accessed things like your location, camera, contacts, and more in the last week. If you don’t like the report’s findings, you can always change the app’s privacy settings. 

Other additions to the update are a communication safety setting for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ Messages, expanded guidance in Siri and Safari Search, a five-hour time frame for Find My when in Power Reserve, and a new Digital Legacy feature. This specific tool lets you choose people as Legacy Contacts that will be able to access your account information if you pass away. 

Finally, users can now be informed if their iPhone was previously repaired and, if so, what kinds of parts were used through the parts and service history feature. This feature should benefit people who have a used or refurbished iPhone and want to make sure their device’s parts are genuine. 

iOS 15.2 also fixed some bugs users have been experiencing, like video streaming apps not loading content on iPhone 13 devices and CarPlay not updating Now Playing information for some apps. 

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