New Google Play Features Target Wear OS Users

It'll be easier to find and download watch apps from both your phone and watch

Google revealed plans for new Google Play features that will make it easier for Wear OS users to find and download the watch apps they want, from their phone and their watch.

Planned improvements to Google Play specifically address Wear OS to improve watch app discoverability and installation on both Android smartphones and smartwatches. These updates aren't available just yet, but will be made available shortly, according to Google Help's announcement.

Google Play browsing updates on phones


If you use an Android phone, you'll be able to use new search filters like "Watch" or "watch faces" to better find the Wear OS apps you're looking for. The update also will include curated clusters specifically for Wear OS, providing browsers with popular recommendations on "Wear OS" and "Watch Faces for Wear OS" category pages. If you find an app you like, you can remotely install it to your Wear OS device directly from your Android phone by tapping "Install," with any compatible smartwatches automatically selected by default.

New Google Play menu for watches


Google Play also is getting a visual overhaul on Wear OS devices, with Google simplifying the design so that it's more user-friendly on smartwatch screens—which are much smaller than on phones. It's basing the design on Material You, placing the most relevant information on cards that can be expanded for more detail and making navigation more accessible, overall.

Google states that these updated features will be rolling out to Google Play "in the coming weeks," and will be available for Android devices using Wear OS version 2.x and up.

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