Google Photos Update Makes it Easier to Organize Your Memories

Update will arrive over the coming weeks

Google is rolling out an update to the mobile version of Photos that changes its layout to make it easier to organize your files and sift through albums.

Google revealed that the Library tab will have a new grid-like layout with large thumbnails that you can scroll through and then filter your photos based on type. Other changes include a new 'import photos' feature, new sections to the sharing tab, and a separate location for screenshots.

Google Photos new layout


Google aims to make organizing your Photos account easier, as the app can be a mish-mash of images, videos, and screenshots thrown together into a digital pile. In addition to the grid layout, you can organize your Library by filtering for albums, favorites, and on-device folders.

Screenshots uploaded to Photos will have a new shortcut at the top of the app. From there, you can backup the screenshots and place them in their intended folder.

The new import section feature is located beneath the new Library grid, next to the Locked Folder and trash tabs. With this feature, you'll be able to transfer files from other apps or upload digitized photographs more easily.

Google Photos new menu


And the sharing tab will have new defined sections for shared albums and conversations for easier photo management. This particular change will come to Android devices first and iOS at a later date.

Google also teased a new Android update that will suggest how to organize screenshots based on context but gave no official date.

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