New Galaxy Watch 3 Update Improves Blood Oxygen Measurements

Voice guidance gets a boost, too.

Samsung has quietly rolled out a new update for specific Galaxy Watch 3 models, making improvements to voice guidance and blood oxygen measurements for specific models.

This new update is only available at the moment for the SM-R845F model of Galaxy Watch 3, which is a 45mm currently only sold in India. Version (build number R845FXXU1DUE4) lists improvements for new voice guidance options, improved blood oxygen (SpO2) measurements, and improved system stability.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (brown)


Voice guidance updates include the option to connect and use a headset while exercising with a watch, as well as the ability to work with Auto Lap. This would specifically allow you to use voice guidance for both traveled distance and HR data while running or cycling when Auto Lap is enabled. While there is also mention of "improved system stability and reliability," the information page doesn't go into detail about what improvements have ben made.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (black)


The update information doesn't go into detail about the improved blood oxygen tracking, other than to state that it includes "improved Blood Oxygen measurement." It's most likely that the monitoring has been adjusted for accuracy, which would make it more useful for determining if you're breathing effectively during a workout. As 9to5Google points out, the Galaxy Watch 3 wasn't very accurate with its SpO2 readings at launch, so improving the accuracy will be a welcome change.

There's been no word yet on whether or not it will be made available to other countries, though it's likely if the improvements help, we'll see the updates before long.

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