New Galaxy Devices Are Made With Recycled Fishing Nets

Samsung plans to use repurposed ocean plastics in all product lines

Samsung plans to use recycled plastics from discarded fishing nets in its products, starting with its upcoming Galaxy devices.

According to the announcement, Samsung has figured out a way to turn discarded ocean plastics—in this case, fishing nets—into a new material that it can use to build components for future devices. This is in keeping with Samsung's Galaxy for the Planet program, announced in August of 2021, which aims to improve its sustainability and minimize its environmental impact.

Collected fishing nets


"Now and into the future, Samsung will incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics throughout our entire product lineup," Samsung stated in the announcement, "starting with our new Galaxy devices that will be revealed on February 9th at Unpacked."

It hasn't specified what those new Galaxy devices will be yet, but there are strong indicators that the Galaxy S22 could be part of that lineup.

Details about what components this recycled material is being used for or how it's made are still unclear. The announcement also specifies that the 'ocean plastics' in question are sourced from areas within 50km (31 miles) of community shores that lack efficient waste management. However, it doesn't state whether or not plastics from further out in the ocean will be collected.

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This may not be Samsung's first attempt at using recycled materials in its products, but it does look to be a big step all the same.

If the Galaxy for the Planet program continues to move ahead on pace, we can also expect additional changes like no plastics in future mobile packaging, as well as zero landfill waste, by 2025.

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