New Facebook Update Lets Group Admins Fight Misinformation

Repeat offenders can now be suspended from group

Facebook is rolling out new security tools and features to help group admins fight against misinformation and keep their communities safe.

One of the new updates allows group admins to automatically decline posts with verified false information and member requests that don't meet the criteria made through Admin Assist. Facebook is also adding QR codes to assist groups in targeting their intended audience and helping communities grow.

Anti-misinformation tool


Meta has third-party fact checkers flag information that is considered false, and it's through this system that the company hopes to reduce the visibility of fake news. If group members continue to post false info, admins and moderators will be able to temporarily suspend them from participating.

Suspended members won't be able to post, comment, or even enter a room for as long as the admin wants. The new feature in Admin Assist allows admins to set criteria for potential members that they must meet, or they will be automatically declined.

Admin Home is also getting a facelift with a new overview page for desktop and layout updates, making it easy to organize and search for tasks. The mobile version will include a new insight summary page that shows how the group is growing and where engagement lies.

QR Code Facebook


Additionally, admins can now generate and share a QR code that links directly to the group or send an email link to invite people.

These new changes come from recent efforts by Meta to combat misinformation and hate speech on its platform. People have demanded better consistency and guidelines to help moderate Facebook.

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