New 'Doom II' Level Dropped to Raise Funds for Ukraine Conflict

The first new level in almost three decades

After 28 years, a new level for the first-person shooter game Doom II has been released in an effort to raise money for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The new level is called One Humanity, and it was created by Doom programmer and iD Software co-founder John Romero. One Humanity is available for purchase on Romero's website for €5 (around $5.50). All proceeds go to the Red Cross and UN Central Emergency Response Fund to help the Ukrainian people.

New Doom II level One Humanity

John Romero/iD Software

You will need a copy of Doom II to play this level, as this is not a standalone game. It's more of a mod since One Humanity is in the WAD format, which is the format used by the old Doom titles to store game data. Players in the past have used the WAD format to create new levels and mods for Doom and Doom II.

It appears that the level is strictly for the PC version of the game. When asked if One Humanity will make its way to console versions of Doom II, Romero responded on his Twitter account that it's up to iD Software to port the game over.

'Doom II One Humanity' game level.

John Romero/iD Software

Looking at gameplay, One Humanity introduces some new enemies and mechanics alongside returning aspects. The graphics and music look like they come straight out of 1994 as players run around shooting the classic Imp and Cacodemon enemies.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a download link for One Humanity via email. You can use that link to download the level up to three times. Romero also recommends backing up the file after downloading.

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