New Chrome OS 91 Build Fixes Chromebook Lock-Out Bug

You should update even if your Chromebook wasn't affected by the previous update

Google has released a new Chrome OS build, version 91.0.4472.167, in order to fix a bug that was locking some Chromebook users out of their systems.

The 91.0.4772.165 stable build of Chrome OS was preventing some Chromebook users from being able to log in and access their files. In some instances, it was also reported to cause "boot looping," which would cause the system to endlessly shut down and restart. With the newest 91.0.4472.167 stable build, affected users should be able to access their Chromebooks again.

Person using a laptop with Chrome OS


According to Android Police, the culprit was a simple typo. where Google left a second "&" out of a command, leading to log-in troubles for so many users. Thankfully, it seems as though version 91.0.4472.167 will be able to decrypt user accounts and sign them in. So if your Chromebook has been affected, the update should smooth things out again.

Unfortunately, if you've powerwashed your system (i.e. reset it to factory settings) you're out of luck. While the update will prevent the lock-out problem from reoccurring, there's no way to get any of that lost data back.

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To avoid automatically downloading potentially broken updates in the future, Android Police recommends enabling this flag: chrome:flags#show-metered-toggle. This will display a toggle in the Wi-Fi and Cellular Network settings and allow you to decide if a network should be limited in order to prevent automatic downloads.

The 91.0.4472.167 stable build has been rolled out for most Chrome OS devices—from Acer to Toshiba—and should be available to download now if it hasn't already done so automatically.

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