New CarPlay Gets Multiple Screens, More Auto Integration

Apple also added temperature control, visual upgrades for dashboards, and more

The hits keep coming from WWDC, otherwise known as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

The company just showed off a substantial refresh to CarPlay, the auto-enhancing standard that allows vehicular dashboard and radio units to act as displays and controllers for iOS devices. 

Apple CarPlay


The new CarPlay ups the ante, giving drivers full control of various systems within the vehicle itself beyond playing music and following GPS directions. For instance, you’ll be able to change the air conditioning and other temperature controls through the app. 

CarPlay will take full advantage of every available screen in your car, supporting a wide variety of screen shapes and sizes to suit differing vehicle makes and models. In addition to controls, the new CarPlay displays plenty of data and metrics as you drive, including RPM, fuel consumption, mileage, navigational information, and more. 

CarPlay Dashboard


Like much of the iOS 16 experience, the new CarPlay looks to be fully customizable, with various fonts, designs, and widgets to personalize your road trips. CarPlay will also integrate with certain Apple Home features, such as automatically opening the garage door as you return home. 

Apple says that the updated CarPlay will work in 98 percent of newer automobiles to varying degrees, with certain dashboards receiving special support from the company to maximize usefulness. The company says they’ll announce which vehicles will receive this upgraded support “later this year.” 

As for iOS 16, it will also launch later in the year, likely in September, with a beta version released later this month. 

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