New Call Recording Feature Rolls Out to Some Pixel Phones

It's only available in countries where call recording isn't illegal

Call recording in the Google Phone app finally is rolling out to Pixel owners around the globe.

Twitter user Jay Prakash shared screenshots of the feature. It needs to be enabled in the phone's app settings before it can be used. Once it's toggled on, a Record button appears in the UI while making or receiving a call. There's also an option to automatically delete recordings after a certain period of time (seven days, 14 days, 30 days, or never).

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Google added native call recording to the Phone app in April 2020, but it was largely limited to Nokia and Xiaomi phones, according to 9to5Google. It's also limited to countries and regions where call recording is legal. One 9to5Google writer didn't see the option to record calls on their phone in the UK, for example, but a fellow writer can access it in France. In the US, the legality of call recording varies depending on where you live. Some states require consent from everyone on the call before you can record it, while others let you record as long as you're party to the conversation. Call participants are notified they're being recorded before the call begins, according to Google's support page.

The native Call Recording feature found in the Google Phone app

Jay Prakash

Pixel owners can check if they have the call recording feature by opening the Phone app and tapping on Settings > Call recording. Their device must run Android 9 or higher and have the latest version of the Phone app installed.

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