New Button Lets You Give Netflix Shows Two Thumbs up

It's for the choices that you really, really like

Harnessing Siskel and Ebert, Netflix is rolling out a new Double Thumbs Up button that lets the platform know that you absolutely loved something you just watched.

The update is going out to Android, iOS, TV app, and web browser versions starting today as a new way for Netflix's algorithm to better understand what people like to watch and dish out better recommendations. This new feature is a part of Netflix's continued efforts to better your experience and help you with content curation.

Netflix Two Thumbs Up


The Double Thumbs Up button will allow the algorithm to get more specific and even recommend something based on a show's cast or creator. For example, Netflix points out that if you loved the show Bridgerton, you'll start seeing movies with the same actor or from its production company Shondaland.

Netflix said that over the years, it has learned the like and dislike button didn't accurately capture the audience's feelings toward their library. It appears that Netflix is hoping for a higher level of engagement with this new button.

Two Thumbs Up Mobile


In recent years, Netflix has been rolling out features to help people find new shows and manage their accounts. Earlier this year, the platform rolled out the benign feature of deleting entries from the Continue Watching list to not have a wall of shows to sift through.

If you go back to 2021, Play Something was implemented to throw up a random show if people weren't sure what to watch.

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