Buy a New Android Phone Now or Wait?

New Android models come out every year. Should you upgrade?

When new Android-based smartphones hit the market, you have the choice to wait for the latest batch of phones to be released, buy one that's currently available from your cellphone provider, or keep the phone you have.

All of the information below should apply no matter which company makes the Android phone you choose, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Technology Is Always Changing and Improving

Changes in technology don't mean that the improvements will be relevant for your needs, but some things are a universal improvement. Most Android phones are 4G and 4G LTE, but many of the soon to be released models for 2020 are building towards 5G networks.

It's uncertain when 5G will see widespread adoption or if the speed increase will make a difference to you. Eventually, 5G will become the standard, but if your 4G LTE phone is fast enough for your needs, there's no need to upgrade to get 5G.

Many improvements in phones come from extra features. These additional features may or may not make a difference when using your phone. Sometimes these features are conveniences, such as improvements in the camera capabilities. If there's a feature that's particularly appealing to you, it might be worth upgrading to a phone with these features. 

Consider Buying Last Year's Model

If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new, state of the art phone, wait until the new phones come out and buy an older model phone. Phones that are currently available will drop in price after the new phones are available.

Just because there is new technology available doesn't mean that the replaced or upgrade technology is obsolete. 

Google Android smartphone in a hand.

Android Stops Supporting Older Models

Android phones that are several generations behind are no longer eligible for operating system updates. Check to see what version of Android you have, and what the latest update is.

Take an Honest Look at Your Future Phone Needs

Consider both your business and personal needs for your phone. Take an honest look at what you think your future will look like (at least your future as it relates to your cell phone needs).

If you use your Android phone for phone calls, texting, web surfing, and emails, any of the available phones will most likely fit your needs perfectly until your next upgrade date arrives. However, if you plan to enter a new tech-based job, rely on a social media presence for your business, or need global coverage, getting the latest Android phone may make sense for you.

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