What You Need to Know About Netscape 7.2 and Where to Download It

A full review of the Netscape email client

Netscape - Free Email Program
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Netscape used to be a popular email program but has since been pushed to the side due to it no longer being developed. Today there are plenty of other email clients that work even better.

However, if you're familiar with the program from when it was in its prime and would like to use it again, you can still download Netscape for free to use it with one or more of your email accounts.

It's important to say again that Netscape is no longer actively developed or supported. While you can still download it for free, it will not update in the face of security vulnerabilities or a lack of features.

Pros and Cons

Given that Netscape is pretty old and no longer updated, it's easy to point out its downfalls. However, it does still have its advantages.

What We Like
  • Netscape offers effective Bayesian spam filtering

  • Integrates with AOL Mail, AIM, and ICQ

  • Supports having multiple email accounts attached

What We Don't Like
  • Netscape has only weak message templates

  • Custom message filters are not flexible enough

  • Netscape is no longer developed as an email program

More Information on Netscape

  • Version 7.2 is said to work with Windows operating systems like Windows XP and older, but we were able to use it with Windows 8, too, without any problems. It also works with Mac and Linux.
  • Netscape email lets you manage multiple POP, IMAP and AOL email accounts
  • It focuses on security and privacy. Cookies, plug-ins, remote images, and JavaScript can be turned off.
  • Supports secure TLS/SSL connections and S/MIME message encryption (PGP/MIME via plug-in)
  • Includes highly effective spam filters using Bayesian statistical analysis
  • Netscape supports rich HTML (including WYSIWYG editor) and plain text emails
  • Offers easy-to-set-up filters for automatic message filing
  • Powerful message searching, a useful search toolbar, mail views, and message labels help you organize email
  • The vCard-enabled address book synchronizes with AOL and Netscape Webmail and integrates with ICQ/AIM

My Thoughts on Netscape

Netscape makes for an advanced and fully-featured email program. If you do not need fancy filters and can do with simple templates, you might consider Netscape as an email client.

However, since the program is really old and doesn't even officially support newer operating systems like Windows 10, there are always alternatives like Thunderbird, eM Client, or Microsoft Outlook.

Netscape seamlessly supports POP and IMAP accounts, of course, but also integrates free Netscape WebMail and AOL email accounts. It even integrates AIM and ICQ with email. The support for HTML is naturally superb as well.

Just as importantly, Netscape can also take care of the spam problem with its effective but easy to use Bayesian filters. Organizing the good mail works conveniently, too, with labels, mail views, and a handy search toolbar.

One of the few things missing from Netscape are filters for outgoing mail.

If you're using Netscape with an email account like Gmail, you have to make sure you let your account access less secure apps. This is because Netscape doesn't use modern security standards, so proceed with caution.