NETGEAR DGN2200 Default Password

DGN2200 Default Password & Other Default Login Info

Picture of a Neatgear DGN2200 wireless router
Neatgear DGN2200 Wireless Router. © Netgear

Like several other NETGEAR routers, the DGN2200 uses password as the default password. As with most passwords, this one is case sensitive.

In the case of this particular NETGEAR router, the username is also case sensitive - it's admin.

The default IP address for NETGEAR DGN2200v1 and v4 is, but DGN2200v3 uses

There are three different hardware versions for the NETGEAR DGN2200 router, and while the IP address isn't the same for all three, they do share the same default username and password that we just mentioned.

Help! The DGN2200 Default Password Doesn't Work!

If the default password from above isn't working for your DGN2200 router, it just means that it has been changed to something else - probably something much more secure (which is good!). However, while it's great to have a complex password, it does mean that it's not as easy to remember as password.

Fortunately, it's really easy to get the default password to work again. All you have to do is reset the DGN2200 to its factory default settings, which will restore any custom settings back to their defaults, including the username and password.

Resetting and restarting don't mean the same thing. The steps below describe how to reset the router; restarting the router would not do what we need it to, which is completely remove and reinstall the software.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Make sure the DGN2200 is plugged in and powered on.

  2. Flip the router over on its top so you have access to the bottom.

  3. With something small and sharp like a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Restore Factory Defaults button for 7-10 seconds. The Power light will blink red three times after it's released and then will turn green as the router resets.

  4. Wait 15 seconds or so just to be sure that the router is actually done resetting, and then unplug the power cable for a few seconds.

  5. After you plug the power cable back in, wait another 30 seconds for the NETGEAR DGN2200 to power on.

  6. Now that you've reset the router, you can log in with the IP address we mentioned above (be sure to choose the right IP address for the specific version of your router) and the admin and password username/password combination.

  7. It's important to now change the default password on the router so that it's not so easy for someone to guess. You can store the new password in a free password manager to avoid forgetting it.

A freshly reset router doesn't have any customization on it. This means that not only were the username and password reset but also any custom DNS servers, wireless network settings, etc. You have to re-enter that information if you want to set up the router like you had it before.

You can even back up these customizations to a file to make it much faster to set up the router again after another reset in the future. See the "Manage the Configuration File" section in the DGN2200 manual for help backing up the router's settings (links to the manuals are below).

What to Do When You Can't Access the DGN2200 Router

You might not be able to access the DGN2200 router with its default IP address. If it's been changed since it was first set up, you'll have to figure out what the new IP address is. Fortunately, you can do this without resetting the router.

What you need to do to find the router's IP address is find the address that's set up as the default gateway IP address on a computer that's connected to the router. If you need help doing this in Windows, see our piece on How to Find Your Default Gateway IP Address.

NETGEAR DGN2200 Firmware & Manual Links

Visit the NETGEAR DGN2200v1 Support page for everything NETGEAR has on the DGN2200 router. There are user manuals, firmware downloads, support articles, and more.

The support page linked above is only for Version 1 of this router, so make sure you change the router version on the drop down menu on that page if you need to get to the downloads and support information for Version 3 or Version 4.

You can download the NETGEAR DGN2200 user manual from the NETGEAR website through the support link from above. Here are the direct links to the manuals for all three versions: Version 1, Version 3, Version 4.