Netflix Supports Spatial Audio Using Only Stereo Speakers

Available globally, no Dolby Atmos required

Netflix has opened the spatial audio floodgates, making the feature available worldwide—even if your setup doesn't support Dolby Atmos.

We've seen (or rather, heard) spatial audio being used with Netflix before, but it came with a fairly limited set of requirements. Before, you needed the right subscription tier, to use a device that works with Dolby Atmos, and/or a pair of compatible earbuds like AirPods Pro. But now, those limitations are gone. Netflix has made spatial audio available to all subscribers worldwide—so long as their device has stereo speakers.

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According to Netflix, all of its shows and movies that offer spatial audio will be able to provide simulated surround sound through any stereo device, whether it's a TV, desktop computer, or laptop. And you won't need to worry about earbud or headphone compatibility either. So long as it's stereo, Netflix says you'll be able to "hear it for yourself" just fine.

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It's important to note that, while spacial audio is now available for all Netflix users, it's not available for all Netflix content. Hopefully, it will continue to be included in more shows and films going forward, but most of Netflix's massive catalog doesn't currently support it.

Spatial audio support is available for select Netflix content worldwide right now—just search for "spatial audio" for a list of what's on offer. The audio effects will work with any device using stereo speakers, though for the best experience, a pair of stereo headphones or earbuds are recommended.

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