Netflix Secret Codes: How to Find and Watch Hidden Movies

Netflix has been hiding things from you

Screenshot of Netflix home page

Deep in the recesses of the Netflix library are thousands of secret codes you can access to unlock extra content for streaming. These secret codes are not listed within Netflix, but they allow you to browse hidden categories and genres that are likely not appearing on your home screen.

You can access these hidden gems using any web browser on a PC or smartphone. If you want to send the movie to your television, just cast or mirror it.

To unlock the door to this Netflix hidden library, simply chose a code from the list below. Once you've found the code, type this URL into your web browser: (replace CODE with the category-specific code from the list below). For example, to watch Jerry Lewis comedies, you would type into your browser.

Not all codes work at all times of the year and in all locations. Use this list to help you explore a new world of entertainment and find new genres and favorites; keep rechecking codes to see if one becomes available in your area.

Netflix Secret Codes for Comedy

The code to all Goofy Movies is 2351, but try these Netflix codes for specific kinds of comedy:

Netflix Hidden Codes for Justice & Vindication

There's nothing like the satisfaction of seeing wrongs made right. Try these Netflix codes to find courtroom and political dramas:

Secret Netflix Codes List for Kids & Family

These codes will make finding a movie for the whole family much easier.

Unlock Netflix Secret Codes for Scary Movies

Don't watch these movies with these Netflix scary codes if movies give you nightmares:

You can also pick a decade, and find a new collection of horror movies:

Netflix Codes for Real-Life Documentaries

Find out what really happened with these Netflix historical documentaries.

Secret Netflix Search Codes for Binge-Watching

These Netflix codes will let you stream series after series.

Secret Netflix Categories for the Underdogs

The Underdog always carries the day with these Netflix codes:

Hidden Faith & Spirituality Secret Netflix Codes

No need to scroll endlessly to find faith-based films with these codes.

Netflix Secret Menu for Art House Movies

Find independently-produced movies with these Netflix Art House movie codes.

Netflix Codes for Armchair Road Trips

Ready to take a trip? Try these road trip codes:

Netflix Secret Codes for Sports

Watch the action with the Netflix Code for Sports Movies, or narrow by specific sport with these codes:

Netflix Secret Codes for Romantics

There are even a few codes for the hopeless romantics.

Netflix Codes for Musicals

These codes will have you singing and dancing.

Secret Netflix Codes for Bollywood

Here are the codes for the best of Bollywood.

Happy Viewing!