Netflix Will Now Let You Edit the Continue Watching List

No more nudging. Now you decide when you're done. Even if you're not

The beauty of Netflix's vast content library is you can sample shows. Now you'll be able to remove from this persistent list those you didn't like and never want to see again.

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Netflix is giving users control over its popular (or insistent) "Continue Watching" list.

Understanding the list: Netflix's "Continue Watching" list keeps chronological track (most recent first) of everything you watch on the streaming platform. It's a crucial feature that lets you quickly get back to the next episode of Better Call Saul, as opposed to hunting around for the series. But, let's be honest, we also drop Netflix content and series all the time and those shows never leave the list.

New controls: Starting now, you can remove any title from Netflix on Android's 'Continue Watching' list. Below the Show card and next to the Info button is a menu (under three vertical dots) that now includes Remove from Row. If you select it, another message appears asking you to verify your choice. If you select Ok, the show disappears from the list.

Netflix Continue Watching Edit
You open the three dot menu to access the menu on the left and then confirm your choice on the right.Netflix Continue Watching Edit.

Where can I find this: Right now it's only on Android (see above), but according to BGR, the feature arrives on the iPhone app on June 29. No word on when or if this control is coming to the Web version of Netflix or on streaming platforms.

Bottom line: There are already ways to manage your Netflix viewing history, but they require that you dig into settings. This puts the controls right where you need them.

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