Netflix Launches Its Own Companion Website, Tudum

For news and other info on your favorite Netflix shows and movies

Netflix's new website, Tudum, is intended to be an information hub for news, behind-the-scenes stories, and more about the platform's shows and films.

If you've ever wanted to search for upcoming releases, learn more about cast members, or even wanted to learn interesting trivia, Tudum provides. Or will provide. According to Netflix's announcement, the new companion website is just getting started and will be built out as time progresses.

Tudum announcement


Currently, Tudum hosts a number of Netflix property-related stories and tidbits—from a list of easter eggs in Red Notice to the new Emily in Paris trailer. The plan is to flesh it out even more with things like news about what shows are being renewed and when new seasons are coming, where to find soundtracks, and more.

You can also log into your Netflix account while visiting Tudum, which will provide a slightly more personalized experience. More specifically, Tudum will create a Recommended For You category based on the shows and movies you've been watching. For me, it provides a lot of stories about Lost in Space.

Tudum is live now, though it's still in testing, so a lot is bound to change or be updated in the future. For now, you can visit it to see what treats there might be about some of your favorite Netflix Originals, with or without logging in.

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