Netflix Is Changing up Its Category Hub

It now includes personalized suggestions along with curated lists

The Categories section of your Netflix app probably looks a bit different today.

Netflix has rolled out its new approach to Categories, which is intended to make it easier for people to find something to watch when they may not have something specific in mind. While the previous horizontal column is full of genre image thumbnails, the new design switches it to a vertical orientation and drops the thumbnails entirely. It's also located in the left-hand menu now, rather than being part of the main page that you have to scroll through to find.

The classic Categories Hub


A Your Top Categories section at the top of the menu promotes three categories specifically for you, based on what you've been watching. So, for example, if you've been watching a lot of Horror shows/movies lately, expect to see more Horror suggestions. This is in addition to providing a larger list of other popular genres (Anime, Comedy, Documentaries, etc.) that you can scroll through further down the list.

The new Categories Hub


Specially curated categories are also being thrown into the mix, which revolve around some local and global holidays or other noteworthy events. Earth Day and International Women's Day are the two examples Netflix provides, but other possibilities could include Halloween, Valentine's Day, Graduation, and so on.

This new Category Hub is rolling out today and should already be appearing in your Netflix app—though it doesn't appear to be integrated into the web browser version yet.

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