Netflix Games Keeps Growing, With ‘Monument Valley’ and Loads More on the Way

Monthly releases are planned throughout 2023

Netflix is still updating its games library, with plans to include the abstract puzzle series Monument Valley—among other all-new and existing titles—in the future.

Video games became a part of Netflix in November of 2021, and the popular streaming platform isn't done with them yet. It's planning on adding approximately 40 more titles throughout 2023, including bringing over one of Lifewire's best iPad games of all time.

Monument Valley 1 and 2 coming to Netflix


New games are expected to release for Netflix users every month throughout the year, including an adaptation of its Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game dating show. Ubisoft is also getting in on the action with a new "endlessly replayable" action game titled Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace. (based on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot).

The apocalyptic survival adventure Highwater is also "exclusively on Netflix," along with one more exclusive headed to Netflix mobile later this month. Terra Nil resembles the city-builder genre (think SimCity and the like) but without the 'city' part. Instead, you'll be turning desolate environments and abandoned cities into rich ecosystems to revitalize the planet.

Even more is planned for the other side of 2023, with a currently-undisclosed game of some sort being worked on by Vainglory creators Super Evil Megacorp. And, of course, there's the duo of Monument Valley and its sequel. Though Netflix also mentions "more to come" alongside its announcement of ustwo's surreal puzzle games, which implies anything from future add-ons to a continuation of the series.

You can check out Highwater on Netflix now, with Terra Nil due out next week on Tuesday, March 28th. Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace will debut next month on Tuesday, April 18th, and both Monument Valley titles are expected to release sometime in 2024.

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