Netflix Confirms It's Adding Video Games to Its Platform

Games based on your favorite binge-worthy titles

Netflix is officially getting into the video game business, as the company confirmed on Tuesday. 

Netflix revealed in a letter to shareholders that it plans to offer video games to existing subscribers at no additional cost, viewing gaming as "another new content category for us, similar to our expansion into original films, animation and unscripted TV."

The streaming service said it initially plans to focus on games for mobile devices.

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The Associated Press reported that the first games released would be tied to original programming on the platform, so we could see a Stranger Things game or an Ozark game. Standalone titles also are possible, and Netflix added that it might even create a show or movie based on one of its unique standalone games. 

Netflix did not mention when gaming would become available on the platform, but previous reports hinted at the possibility of next year. 

While rumors were swirling that Netflix was exploring the idea of entering into the gaming industry, this is the first time the company has confirmed its plans on doing so. 

Netflix is not the first non-gaming company to explore the idea of a subscription-based gaming service. For example, Apple in 2019 introduced Apple Arcade, which gives users access to over 180 games for $5 per month, with a focus on casual pick-up-and-play games. 

Amazon also introduced its gaming service, Amazon Luna, last year. Once it's officially available, Amazon Luna will allow gamers to play games across all kinds of devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Fire TVs, iPhones, and Android phones. 

Experts say that a subscription-based gaming boom could happen. However, platforms like Netflix have a lot to iron out—such as unreliable internet speeds and reoccurring costs—before they can become widely successful in the gaming community. 

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