Netflix and Waze Gamify Your Summer Roadtrip

The ‘epic adventure’ starts today

Road trips are part of the fabric of summer, but driving hours on end puts a strain on your brain, your body, and, most importantly, the patience of any children sitting in the car.

Netflix and navigation experts Waze have teamed up to gamify driving, adding some much-needed pizazz to the endless sprawl of the American highway system. This comes in the form of a tie-in game, of sorts, to the forthcoming Netflix original animated feature, The Sea Beast. 

Waze Netflix Sea Beast


This driving experience transforms real-world navigation maps into sea maps, complete with fearsome sea beasts to avoid, friendly NPCs, and plenty of in-game surprises. 

As previously mentioned, the experience is based on an animated film, so you'll play as lead character Maisie, a stowaway, and her mischievous monster friend Blue. Waze says drivers will "revel in the unlikely comedy of their friendship as they help you navigate every turn you take." 

As such, the company promises plenty of comedic sound effects, funny banter, and an adventure that begins "where the map ends." 

Waze and Netflix remain mum on the actual gameplay mechanics here, but the experience is accessible starting today. Activate the experience by tapping the "Turn on Sea Beast Mode" banner in the Waze app. 

This unique driving adventure is available globally, but the dialogue is only in English. Also, the companies say this is a limited-time event, though they have not detailed when the game will no longer be available. 

To further increase hype for The Sea Beast, Netflix is also hosting a series of immersive sleepover events for kids held throughout the country at aquariums, museums, and other locations. The film begins streaming on July 8. 

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