Netflix Adds Two New Mobile Titles to Its Gaming Service

You'll need to log in with your Netflix account to play them, though

Two new games have made landfall on Netflix’s gaming service: Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and Krispee Street, both of which are available to iOS and Android users.

According to Netflix Geeked on Twitter, Arcanium is an open-world card strategy game that takes clear inspiration from Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone while Krispee Street is more akin to Where’s Waldo? With these two titles, Netflix’s total gaming lineup is 12 and still growing.

Loading screen for Arcanium game on iOS

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan sees players build a deck of heroes and monsters in a board game-like setting to attack the other player in order to win. The game is also Netflix's first third-party title as Arcanium first came out in 2020 on Steam and has seen mostly positive reviews.

Then there's Krispee Street, which is based on the webcomic Krispee. This title is a lot less intense as all you have to do is locate characters or objects in a sea of other characters. It's also the fourth game by developer FrostyPop to release on Netflix's gaming service since its launch.

Krispee Street screens from App Store


Netflix is well underway on expanding its gaming catalog with different genres and studios. In September 2021, Netflix bought its first game studio Night School Studio, a developer well known for its story-driven title OXENFREE, though no direct result has been announced yet.

The games are members-only, as well. To play either title, you'll need to log in to Netflix within the gaming app.

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