Nest Hub Owners Hit by Boot Loop After Latest Update

Screen shows an endless circling animation

Google has begun rolling out a new UI update for the Nest Hub, but some people have been experiencing a botched release resulting in their device being stuck in a boot loop.

A Reddit user posted a video on their Nest Hub stuck on the booting screen with four circles looping infinitely in front of a plain white background. But this isn't universal, as another Reddit user showed off the new user interface redesign that moved around the date, app selection menu, and other settings.

Nest Hub 2


Other Reddit users are being afflicted by the same problem. People in the thread recommend unplugging the Nest Hub and then reconnecting to fix the problem, but this doesn't appear to work. The original poster claimed to have done the same thing, and the boot loop continues to happen.

This isn't the first time boot looping on Google devices has happened. Reddit users have been complaining about this problem since November 2020.

If it did work as intended, Nest Hub owners would see a new UI with the date in the top left-hand corner of the display and new controls for brightness, volume, and the alarm just below that. Right now, swiping up from the bottom brings up a new app menu without a settings section.

Nest Hub demo

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The poster of the working Google Nest did some experience some issues like an unresponsive screen and the boot loop. They had to factory reset the Nest, which appears to have worked.

Google, so far, has yet to say anything about this problem or roll out a fix for the boot loop.

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