Nest Hello Gets Halloween-Themed Ringtones

Spooky scary doorbell tones bring shivers to your chimes

If you own a Nest Hello, love giving out candy on Halloween, and enjoy lighthearted spookiness, you've got some new festive ringtone options to check out.

Google has announced that it's bringing spooky back with an assortment of thematically appropriate ringtones for the Nest Hello. You can get a head start on the season by changing your chimes right now, or wait until October 31 to give your neighbors an innocent fright. It's certainly no 12-foot tall skeleton, but it's still a fun way to get in on the festivities.

Shadow of a girl dressed in halloween costume Trick-Or-Treating

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If you have Google's Nest Hello and reside in the US, you can make your doorbell sound like one of a few frightful creatures.

Google provides tones for a ghost, a "scary monster," a vampire, and a witch, though The Verge also expects tones for a werewolf, a raven, and more. And, according to The Verge, you won't need a Nest Aware subscription to use any of them.

Once the trick-or-treating is over, and it's time for the party to start—or if you just want to change things up—you can also activate an hour-long playlist of moody audio.

If you have any Nest speakers, say, "Hey Google, get spooky" to start playing an assortment of "spooktacular" (Google's word, not mine) tuns and sounds.

Kids in Halloween costumes standing at the gates of a haunted house on a dark and spooky night with a full moon

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These Halloween-themed ringtones are available for the Nest Hello now and will be available through early November. Google also says that winter-themed ringtones will be made available starting in late November.

You can take a look at Google Nest Help for a how-to on changing your Nest Hello ringtone settings.

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