'Need for Speed: Underground' PC Cheats

Unlockables and Secrets for 'Need for Speed: Underground' Video Game

Need for Speed Underground

'Need for Speed: Underground' is the seventh installment in the "Need for Speed" car-racing video game series. Unlike the previous versions, "Need for Speed: Underground" features a storyline and includes a garage where you can customize your car with custom paint colors, vinyls, side skirts, roof scoops, and other upgrades.

Cheat codes for the PC—in the form of unlockables—help you expertly maneuver your Acura Integra as you try to best other drivers and battle characters while racing through the streets of Olympic City, the virtual setting of the game.

'Need for Speed: Underground' Unlockables

To get started, go to the main menu of the game, go to the statistics submenu, go back again by pressing Delete, and enter the cheat code

  • 240240sx—unlocks 240SX
  • 350350z—unlocks 350Z
  • driftdriftbaby—unlocks all drift circuits
  • allmylvloneparts—unlocks all level 1 parts
  • seemylvl1parts—unlocks all level 1 visual parts
  • allmylvl2parts—unlocks all level 2 parts
  • seemylvl2parts—unlocks all level 2 visual parts
  • 239celica—unlocks Celica
  • gimmesomecircuits—unlocks circuits
  • 889civic—unlocks Civic
  • gimmesomedrag—unlocks drag circuits
  • Slidingwithstyle—unlocks drift physics in all the game modes
  • 899eclipse—unlocks Eclipse
  • 119focus—unlocks Focus
  • 371impreza—unlocks Impreza
  • 342integra—unlocks Integra
  • 222lancer—unlocks Lancer
  • allmylvloneparts—unlocks level 1 upgrades
  • allmylvl2parts—unlocks level 2 upgrades
  • needmylostprophets—unlocks lost prophets
  • 221miata—unlocks Miata
  • 334mygolf—unlocks Mygolf
  • havyamystikal—unlocks Mystikal
  • 893neon—unlocks Neon
  • givemenismo—unlocks Nissan Sentra Nismo
  • gimmeppablo—unlocks Petey Pablo
  • 77peugeot—unlocks Peugeot
  • gotcharobzombie—unlocks Rob Zombie
  • 973rsx777—unlocks RSX
  • 777rx7—unlocks RX7
  • 2000s2000—unlocks S2000
  • 922sentra—unlocks Sentra
  • 111skyline—unlocks Skyline
  • gimmesomesprints—unlocks sprint circuits
  • 228supra—unlocks Supra
  • 667tiburon—unlocks Tiburon
  • 2000s2000—unlocks updated Honda 2000
  • 899civic—unlocks updated Honda Civic
  • 342integra—unlocks updated Honda Integra
  • 973rsx777—unlocksupdated Mazda RX7
  • 239celica—unlocks updated Toyota Celica
  • 228supra—unlocks updated Toyota Supra