"Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0" Cheats and Tips (PSP)

Gain the advantage with these secrets.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Electronic Arts

"Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0" is a spinoff of the "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" street-racing video game. The 5-1-0 version is designed for the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld video game system. During the game, you select a car and race against a time limit or other racers to reach a destination, often while being pursued by the police. 

The following cheat codes can help you beat other racers and reach your destination safely and more quickly than your competitors. Enter each cheat as a profile name.

"Most Wanted 5-1-0" Cheats

  • Master Code — Everything plus $500,000: Enter the profile name !mr. blonde to unlock all bonuses and get $500,000. All items are unlocked; however, you still must purchase them.
  • All tracks, cop cars in tuner takedown tracks and $100,000: Enter the profile name !get-set.
  • All cop cars in tuner takedown and $100,000: Enter the profile name !bacon.
  • All performance and visual upgrades and $200,000: Enter the profile name !tuner-well.
  • Unlock all cars: Enter the profile name m3 gtr 2.

Hints and Tips

  • To earn some quick cash, replay a boss level. This will help you earn extra money on certain bosses, especially once you are at a later stage in the game and can beat them easily.
  • Want to refill your nitrous twice as fast? Drive faster than 200 miles per hour.
  • Try to get your opponents to crash into any roadblocks the police create. They'll either get busted or lose time.
  • To get an extra 90 degrees in a turn, turn on the speed breaker (triangle down).
  • The quickest car in the game (early on) is the Audi TT; buy it as early as possible. Once the car is fully upgraded, almost everything will be maxed out. As soon as you can buy the Gallardo (the best car in the game), do so. When your Gallardo is fully upgraded, it will outperform the bosses easily in the game.
  • Beating the following will earn you a unique vinyl:  Baron, Bull, Earl, Izzy, Jade, JV, Kaze, Ming, Ronnie, Sonny, Taz, Vic and Webster.
  • Raise top speed, acceleration and handling all at the same time when performance-tuning your car, and keep them even to the extent possible.
  • To get one of the two bonus races allotted to each blacklist member, win all the races and beat the boss. This gives you the super composite spoiler. To get the other, complete all that plus the outruns; this gives you the red carbon-fiber super composite hood. 

Beat any of the following and unlock the corresponding car:

  • Carrera 4S: Ming 
  • Carrera GT: Toru Sato 
  • Corvette: Kamikaze 
  • Eclipse: Big Lou 
  • Ford GT: JV 
  • Gallardo: Webster 
  • Lancer and WRX STi: Earl 
  • M3 GTR 1: Ronnie 
  • M3 GTR 2: Razor 
  • Mustang GT: Baron 
  • RX-8: Izzy 
  • TT: Jewels

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