Free Education Videos from National Geographic

Watch free educational videos from the Nat Geo website

Sometimes the best way to drive home a point is to actually show the person what you mean. And more often than not nowadays, that means showing a video. And while YouTube is absolutely fantastic because of its sheer breadth of material, it's not always the ideal place to show videos (educational or not). Enter: National Geographic Video. The National Geographic website is a treasure trove, packed with free National Geographic videos.

Nat Geo video website

Two Ways to Watch

National Geographic offers two ways to watch videos: their main video page and a newer service called Nat Geo TV. To watch full-length videos at Nat Geo TV, you'll need to have a cable TV account and your cable TV provider has to participate in this service. It looks like it'll be a great solution for lots of people, but we're going to focus on National Geographic's main video page because it's free and accessible to anyone.

National Geographic's main video page offers hundreds of free videos that can play in full screen and are ad-free. The videos range in length from less than a minute to almost 10 minutes and range in topics from Adventure to Travel. There are several ways to sort the videos from the main page. You can sort the most popular, see the editor's picks, or see what is newest. You can also sort via topic (and then, once in the topic, sort via the same popular, editor's picks or newest).

What's Covered?

The topics covered are Adventure, Animals, Environment, History & Civilization, People & Culture, Photography, Science & Space. Each section also has subsections so you can further narrow down what you'd like to see. For example, under Science & Space you'll find Anthropology, Earth, Health and Human Body, Prehistoric World, Space, and Weird Science. Each subsection is also sortable by most popular and newest. Of course, you can search via the site's search box, too. One thing that we'd like to see is a way to queue up several videos so that you could watch several in a row of your choosing.