Nadia Baloch

Nadia Baloch

Los Angeles, CA


Lesley University


  • Worked at a digital marketing agency for Unilever brands and focused on social media content creation and copy editing
  • Compiled and edited information from Dawn Newspaper bureaus, wire agencies (AFP and Reuters), and foreign newspapers for real-time publication
  • Collected data, collaborated with other members of the team, performed quantitative reviews and administered experiment protocols for multiple studies at Harvard University's Social Psychology department
  • Assisted researchers and conducted lab and field studies for multiple research projects at the University of California Berkeley


Nadia has worked at Harvard University’s psychology department, pursuing her interests in social psychology. She has experience in journalism, content management, and a passion for writing, where she has been published in Dawn Magazine and elsewhere. She has a strong background in copyediting and started her own blog as a way to channel her interest in fashion where she writes about trends, travel, and beauty.

My Gear: My daily drivers are my M1 MacBook Air and iPhone 12 Pro. To unwind, I enjoy watching TV using the Apple TV 4K. My daily apps include Calm, Surplus, and Spotify.


Nadia graduated with a Cum Laude from Lesley University with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

A Message from Nadia Baloch

It's amazing how technology has provided digital solutions of the things we do in our daily lives. Whether its managing to-do lists and calendars or simply meditating, technology has provided more efficient ways of getting things done. Our lives are so reliant on tech, we have to make sure where we draw the line between efficiency and over-consumption.

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