Myspace Mail Free Email Service Discontinued

Social network offered free email service

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Myspace Mail was discontinued and is no longer available. This article has been retained for archival purposes.

Myspace underwent several changes in ownership, focus, and design between 2011 and 2014 after losing much of its audience to Facebook. Messaging on Myspace is now limited to chat and private messages with other Myspace users. Messages stored prior to June 2013 are no longer available.

Myspace Mail Review (2009)

Myspace Mail adds an ​​email address to your social network so you can exchange messages with everybody, not just MySpace members. Unlimited storage lets you keep all the mail you like, but don't count on Myspace Mail helping you organize the messages — or your address book. It's also a pity Myspace Mail does not offer POP or IMAP access and cannot retrieve mail from external accounts.

MySpace Mail is no longer available.

What We Liked
  • Myspace Mail integrates social network messaging with an email address to exchange mail with all.

  • Solid spam and virus filters keep you safe, and you can restrict email exchange to your contacts.

  • Myspace Mail offers unlimited storage and makes it easy to share images by email.

What We Didn't Like
  • Myspace Mail does not offer folders or labels to help you organize mail.

  • You cannot use Myspace Mail to access external email accounts.

  • Myspace Mail account cannot be accessed using POP or IMAP.


  • Myspace Mail offers free email with unlimited online storage.
  • Solid spam and virus filtering as well as restrictions on external content in emails, keep you safe.
  • For even more security, Myspace Mail can be made to accept mail only from contacts and friends. You can also block senders.
  • You can easily send images from your Myspace photos, and use rich-text formatting or smileys in emails.
  • Using Google Gears, you can search for Myspace Mail messages.
  • A simple address book lets you keep track of contacts, and Myspace Mail remembers recipients automatically for auto-complete.

Review of Myspace Mail's Free Email Service

An alliteration's allure should not be underestimated. "Myspace Mail" going for you, what could stop you?

Nothing, of course, will stop emails from any email address, service and program from coming right to the same Myspace Mail that lets you exchange messages with your Myspace friends — except the option to have email in Myspace operate more like a social network does, by accepting messages only from people in your address book.

Even without this restriction, the spam filter that protects Myspace Mail is pretty good, and reporting junk is easy. Myspace Mail, thankfully, also disables external images by default, so you'll have your privacy protected.

Nothing keeps you from storing all the mail you get in Myspace Mail with its unlimited storage — except the mail management shortcomings: you cannot organize mail using custom folders or labels, and search, which available through Google Gears, could be more comprehensive. This is unfortunate as Myspace Mail cannot be accessed in standard email programs via POP or IMAP. It's also a pity Myspace Mail cannot retrieve mail from external accounts.

It's still fun to email in Myspace Mail, of course. Send images is easy, for example, you can use rich text formatting and smileys in your messages, and Myspace Mail shows you recent updates for all participants in a thread that are on Myspace. Speaking of participants: for a social network, the Myspace Mail address book is ill connected; there's no way to add new people from messages they've sent, for instance, or to start a new email for a contact.

All in all, what you get from Myspace Mail is a social networking site's simple messaging with an email address, but without much help handling the demands of larger volumes of mail.