MyRealBox: A Review of the (Former) Free Email Service

Discontinued in 2011

MyRealBox. The clumsy name didn't keep this Novell technology showcase from being one of the most clever free email services.

Unlike many other services, MyRealBox did not require you to see any ads, and unlike many other services, it was not web-based only: you could access MyRealBox with either POP or IMAP, which makes it possible to use it with any email client.

MyRealBox's web interface was clean and useful, although it was not the most advanced one. Novell used MyRealBox to test new features of its software. This use case put you on the cutting edge, but it also meant that the service might be unavailable exactly when you'd need it most.

For a private, non-critical email account MyRealBox was almost perfect, though.

On June 1st, 2011, was discontinued as a service to the public. After that date, you could no longer use email addresses.  

The Bottom Line

MyRealBox offered a great free email account: free of ads, and free to access via the Web or with any email client through POP and IMAP. But, MyRealBox is no longer available.


  • MyRealBox was fast and free (free of ads, too)
  • POP and IMAP access
  • 10 MB online mailbox size


  • MyRealBox was used to test new software
  • Web-based interface lacked advanced features
  • MyRealBox was discontinued


  • MyRealBox provided a free email account with 10 MB online mailbox size.
  • Accounts were accessible via a Web-based interface and through POP and IMAP in any email client.
  • MyRealBox provided an outgoing email server, too.
  • Supported TLS/SSL for POP, IMAP and SMTP connections for enhanced security.
  • Web-based interface included simple address book and calendar modules.
  • MyRealBox had a strict anti-spam policy.