The Story Behind the 'My Name Is Jeff' Vine Meme

Exploring One of the Latest Memes to Hit Twitter's Six-Second Looping Video App

'My Name's Jeff' Meme on Vine
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UPDATE: The Vine service has been discontinued but we've left the information below for archive purposes. See our What Was Vine? for more on this popular video sharing app.

If you spend any time watching short looping videos on the Vine app, you're bound to come across new memes that spread practically overnight. How many vines have you already heard or seen say, "My name is Jeff" over and over and over again?

Popular back around the end of 2014, you can still find this meme all over the place if you go looking for them. Here's everything you really need to know about this ridiculous Vine trend, if for some reason you can't seem to get enough of it.

The Origin of the 'My Name Is Jeff' Meme

I could not for the life of me figure out where this "My name is Jeff" quote came from on my own, so to me, it didn't seem as funny as it probably should've been when I first started seeing the memes pop up. Still, these types of vines had been popping up consistently in my feed for weeks when it had first started gaining steam on the video-sharing app.

After a quick search, I discovered that I probably didn't find all these vines to be very funny because I haven't seen the movie 22 Jump Street. This meme is based on a popular scene in the move where actor Channing Tatum tries extremely hard to fake a foreign accent, but fails terribly and hilariously.

You can watch the clip here on YouTube.

Links to a Few Popular Examples

Viners had a lot of fun with dubbing the "My Name Is Jeff" quote over clips of themselves, other movies, music videos and more. Here are a few popular examples you can check out, all of which have over one million loops:

Want to see more of these types of vines? Simply search through the #MyNameIsJeff tag on Vine for the most recent posts based on this meme.

The Spread of 'My Name Is Jeff' Far and Beyond Vine

Despite the fact that 22 Jump Street was released earlier on in the summer of 2014, the "My name is Jeff" meme only really picked up in popularity during the month of November. The meme  absolutely huge on Vine, but you can find clips of it posted on almost any of the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram.

This 'My Name Is Jeff' Facebook page has over 84,000 likes while a previous Twitter account (that's now no longer active) had racked up over 40,000 followers. And if you go over to YouTube and type "My name is Jeff" into the search bar, you'll find thousands of results, many of which are titled "best Vine compilations" that include all the best vines put together conveniently in one video for you.

Now, years later, this meme is tired out from being shared by lots of people, and it arguably reached the height of its popularity long ago.

Like all memes that are destined to fade out just as fast as they surge up from the depths of the Internet, the endless "My name is Jeff" Vine loops is memorable, but long dead in the short-lived world of crazy, weird, hilarious internet memes.

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