"MX vs. ATV Untamed" Cheats for the Nintendo Wii

Boost your offroading fun in "MX vs. ATV Untamed" with these Wii cheats.

MX vs. ATV Untamed Nintendo Wii
MX vs. ATV Untamed Nintendo Wii. Google Images/ign.com

After you've offroaded in the "MX vs. ATV Untamed" standard game, take your experience truly offroad by enhancing your game with the following cheats for the Nintendo Wii video game console. 


To activate a cheat, open the game's Options menu, select the cheat code option and enter one of these codes.

Cheat CodeEffect
MANYZEROSGet one million store points.
YOUGOTITUnlocks everything.
STICKERSUnlocks all graphics.
LITTLEGUYUnlocks 50cc bike class.
ONRAILSUnlocks all bikes.
MORESTUFFUnlocks all challenges.
WELLDRESSEDUnlocks all gear.
MOREWHEELSUnlocks all machines.
WHOSTHATUnlocks all riders.
FREETICKETUnlocks all freestyle tracks.
PWNAGEUnlocks the Paralyzer monster truck.