'MX vs. ATV Unleashed' for PS2 Cheat Codes

Learn how to open tracks, unlock bikes, and more

Three men playing Sony's PlayStation video game console

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More bikes, more tracks, more points, and better physics are just a code away using these "MX vs. ATV Unleashed" cheats for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console.

Cheats For 'MX vs. ATV Unleashed'

Enter these cheats from the Cheats menu under Options.

Cheat Code Effect
BROKEASAJOKE Add 1,000,000 store points
BIGBORE Unlock all 500cc bikes
MINIMOTO Unlock all 50cc bikes
COUCHES Unlock all ATVs
BRAPP Unlock all bikes
HUCKIT Unlock all Freestyle Tracks
WARDROBE Unlock all gear
LEADFOOT Unlock all Machine Challenge Tracks
GOOUTSIDE Unlock all National Tracks
NOTMOTO Unlock all Open Class Tracks
WANNABE Unlock all pro riders
GOINSIDE Unlock all Supercross Tracks
PITPASS Unlock all tracks
TOOLAZY Unlock everything
IAMTOOGOOD Enable pro physics

Earn race points and unlock the following:

  • Unlock the Golf Cart by acquiring 80 race points.
  • Unlock the Stadium Track by acquiring 100 race points.